The Royal Feast Boards


Gluttony. Indulgence. Unleashed hedonistic pleasure... call it what you will! That is just what our Royal Feast Boards are.

We start with Caulfield's Country Boards designed and made in Meath from beautiful, sustainably sourced hardwood and build a delectable feast of cheese, charcuterie, condiments and other little tasties. 

Animals ethically reared in the valley of the Boyne provide the raw ingredients for multi-award-winning cheeses and charcuterie.

Artisan producers work with raw ingredients, not all of the region but complimentary of its products, to craft exemplary, prize-toting jellies and mustard. 

As for the thought, taste and tenacity it takes to come up with a 'Brown Bread Cracker'... again born and nurtured in the Boyne Valley.

Fresh and dried fruits, nuts and cornichons bring complete balance to this Royal Feast.

Take the guess work and hard work out of your very special get-together. We have professionally matched all the elements you and your guests could hope for on one special board.

We also have recommended extras - wines, gins, whiskey, cider, tea, coffee and even amazing little authentic French macarons to complete your evening... all made or sourced in the Boyne Valley. 

Your pack will arrive with with all ingredients individually wrapped and a step-by-step guide on how to build your board.

Due to the seasonal and artisanal nature of The Royal Feast, on rare occasions some ingredients may be substituted but we always ensure excellent quality and flavour.

Following your Royal Feast, clean and store your serving board (€70 value). You may now order food refills for future gatherings. 

Simply place your order and call your guests!

Available in Large and Small Boards.


To view The Royal Feasts Allergens, please click here.