Sweet Potato Hummus on Flatbread with Red Jalapeno Jelly

Sweet potatoes are one of my absolute favorite veggies...chock full of flavor, nutrition and visual appeal, these little darlings are so, so versatile.  Grab yourself some vegan flatbread and there you go - one of the most delicious dishes that just happens to be vegan-friendly.

This can be served at a special brunch or as a light evening meal. So whether you are just treating yourself and your other half or having your foodie friends around for a get together, this is definitely one to try.  If you are feeling very creative and fancy really getting in touch with your food, you can always make your own flatbread.  If, however, this doesn't appeal to you or you are tight for time, just buy a good quality, nicely flavored one...quick, tasty and healthy.


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