Pimp my Aubergine

I'll always remember my mother saying 'I can't eat this late in the evening' as my father plated up his 'full Irish', poured over the remaining 'juices' (lol) that he would soak up with a good cut of bread and savour like a man condemned.  

Years later, in my first few years of marriage, my husband would often arrive home late from work with a Chinese takeaway, a couple cans of minerals and 2 chocolate bars. Just like my father, I would devour all this, lay back and sleep the sleep of the just.  

God, how my belly has changed. If I ate like that this very evening, I would look like one of those snakes that just swallowed a small dog whole, wouldn't sleep for a fortnight and would probably end up having my stomach pumped. 

So, a couple of days a week and anytime I'm eating after 6pm I will go for a vegetarian and perhaps vegan meal.  My body only has a problem with meat at this hour and not animal products, so if I come across a recipe that just happens to be vegan without having to use substitutes I'm happy. This particular recipe just happens to be vegan.  

When I set about creating my recipes and starting my business, I did not have veganism in my mind at all.  However, as I experimented with different setting agents, I realized that I could not and would not tolerate animal-derived gelatin in my jellies.  There just is something in beef sourced gelatin that I cannot cope with. That's just me. So I guess what I'm saying is that my jellies just happen to be vegan-friendly...I just love that everyone can enjoy them.

This is a super little dish that all the family can enjoy.  You can use eith

er our Red or Green Jalapeno Jelly...whatever you fancy!


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