A Most Delectable Dip

 At A Bit on the Side we are all about food, fun and family in both our business and home.  We just love family gatherings...the more the merrier!  What's more, some of our friends really are part of our family - God help them!  Our home is always, always about the people in it and taking care of them.  Doesn't matter one bit if the place is a mess (and that's hardly going to change at this stage) as long as we have a good fire going and something tasty and nourishing to offer.

Dips are one of those delectable morsels that my family just love - whether it's just myself and himself watching a movie on a Saturday night with a few tipples or the whole clan is descending upon us for the evening.  What I love about dips is that you can really pack the veggies into the diet without one word of protest - even from the one that claims they will go into anaphylactic shock if they eat anything that comes from the ground! 

You can use any cream cheese...no need to spend a fortune as they are all smooth and creamy enough to blend perfectly with the Red Jalapeno Jelly.  Just make sure it is at room temperature or it won't merge properly with the Red Jalapeno Jelly.  

As regards the bacon, you can use smoked or unsmoked...smoked adds an extra layer of flavor (my favorite is maple smoked).  I really do try to source a natural bacon with no additives, particularly nitrites.  Naked Bacon from Finnebrogue is absolutely delicious and nitrite-free...we love their smoked back bacon.  The fat just melts into the meat and gives a fantastic flavor and texture to any recipe.

Our cheddar of choice would have to be an extra mature white cheddar - man...that flavor!!!

You can also use A Bit on the Side Green Jalapeno Jelly in this recipe - it has a  fresher, crisper taste than the Red Jalapeno Jelly... whatever floats your boat.


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