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Rosé & Pink Peppercorn Jelly

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Pink peppercorns have a delicate, red, papery husk enclosing a small brown seed which has distinct pine, citrus and floral notes. In fact, it is not a true peppercorn but the ripened berry of the Brazilian Pepper Tree.

We get this tiny taste treasure and gently suspend it in a delicate, blushing Rose Wine Jelly that looks, smells and tastes sublime.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Delicious with Brie Cheese in either cooked or uncooked hors d’oeuvres or a gourmet sandwich.
  • Use as an accompaniment or glaze for fish, particularly oily fish like Mackerel or Herring.
  • For a stunning interlacing of sweet and savoury, serve with a good-quality dark chocolate dish eg. chocolate torte or cheesecake.