Amazing Write Up!

I am still smiling after reading this review of my Pontack Jelly by McKennas' Guides. It is just so flattering and encouraging. Making this jelly is an absolute pleasure from start to finish, but seeing how much other people like it makes it extra special.

An old recipe found in various forms in different books” is how The Constance Spry Cookery Book (1956) describes Pontack Ketchup or Sauce. We have been getting our hit of this old recipe thanks to the splendid Pontack Jelly produced by Hilary McGrath’s County Meath company, @abitonthesidejellies.

Ms McGrath started her company as an empty-nest project in 2019, and was quickly hauling in the trophies. Taste the Pontack, with its mellifluous tongue-teasing qualities, pleasing texture and resonant deep fruit notes from ripe elderberries, and you will be handing out your own prizes: this is a beauty. There are half-a-dozen jellies in the range, depending on the season, and they are addictive.